Monday, 4 November 2013

Change the Word Change the World

Have you seen your colleagues communicating failure information in a very positive manner with a carefully chosen set of words that kind of justifies the miss very diplomatically. Yes , that is the art. It takes some time to adopt that , but it can surely be done. No one want's to listen that - " This can't be done , this is not working , this has created a mess etc.." , instead put them in other words - " Let me do some research and I shall get back to you with facts, It is working fine for 80% cases , for rest of the cases work is in progress, This is a new thing that organization has adopted , employees are getting accustomed for this very fast - Currently we are going through the transitioning phase."   Think about it and try relating it to your work.

It is well said that "Listen more, Speak less". Speaking right is really very difficult. It requires lot of effort in choosing right words. Then the right words have to be in right order to make an effective meaningful sentence. Words are the most powerful weapon , use them carefully.They can make you and break you depending upon how you use. Think before you speak for about 6 seconds, this is the time when your brain will complete the processing of information and can put it in better words.

What you have communicated depends on how listener interprets it. It's speaker's responsibility to ensure that the listener interprets what speaker wanted to communicate exactly with the same intensity. It may create Hell or Heaven if Interpretation went wrong. An example -  You wanted to actually praise your wife ,  feeling romantic today , and spoke "You are looking Gorgeous today". Contrary to your expectation  you got the response from your better half - " Are you teasing me ? Didn't you look at me before , was I not looking good another day ?" . Oh god, you screwed up your evening. 

Look at the below famous video or click here

Take a look at the below Video for simple 15 powerful words or click here :

So , get ready and start using the most powerful words. 

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