Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I Am A Champion

You joined an organisation newly. Few of your colleagues  helped you in settling down easily. You started joining them over tea breaks. Slowly, they started telling you the fabricated stories (mixed with chatpata masala) about the organization , started creating fear about your boss who is bad in their eyes by telling some framed stories , the losses the company is making, the vampire nature of other colleagues, projecting one of your colleague to be the master of everything etc etc... Over a period of time you kept listening to them and gosh... you started feeling - "Oh man where the hell I am trapped , I am sorry my previous organization - please call me back".  

 Can you relate yourself with the above story ? Does similar thing happened with you in your family as well? Did you face similar situation while you were a student , Your seniors posed themselves highly frustrated person in front of you and you got upset ? 

There is a lot of negativity around the world. World is full of frustrated and pessimistic people. Since they are in abundance, they don't want a positive man to come over. They would always try to frustrate you , induce negative thoughts in you .Their goal is to obstruct your growth since they are jealous about your personality , skills and traits.These people often come in your life as your well wishers, they pose themselves to be your best friend and slowly but steadily they keep injecting poison of negative thoughts in you. 

Since you were not basically a bad man , you get upset of these talks.You came in with lots of positive energy and with a zeal to bring positive change , now you find yourself in a big dark hole with no sign of light. Slowly you get adjusted in the environment and you also start enjoying spreading those negative vibes that you got in from others , after all If I can't do it, I will never let anyone else do it" right ? 

The grape wine communication mixes some "Masala"  to the negative vibes turning them to be disastrous for yourself and for the organization or family.  

Beware of such people , they are all around. Keeping yourself away from them is the best way to deal with them. Let them maintain their own thoughts and you maintain yours. You are a champion, say it aloud , I am a champion , I will never let myself down. My dictionary doesn't understand back biting. I know only crushing the fools and owls. I am full of positive energy. God has chosen me to spread the light among those poor people. I am a champion.

Watch the below video clip - the best ever motivational speech. 

Have a great Life you champion !!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

I Will Not Blame Others

Well, Blaming others for a screwed up result is the simplest thing a person can do. How many times it has happened with you that when your project got screwed up, you tried finding an escape-goat blaming him for all the bad things , however if project was successful you yourself came forward with your broad chest , "it happened due to me only"?

You want to take credit for all the success gained by your team , however when its no good time , you escape putting someone else neck under the sword.

You wanted to achieve something but couldn't. How many times have you blamed the circumstances for such failures ? I have seen people blaming their environments, their schooling, education system, political system, Market conditions, lack of opportunities, Reservation system, Scaling in UPSC exams, Corruption .. "you name it and they have a ready excuse for it". Did you really tried hard putting your best with full honesty ? Think !!

The blame game is a common human nature but only for them who doesn't have sense of accountability and are generally victims. It also starts when your Job is at stake , when you know that this will hit negatively on your bonus/increment. 

Look out for the instances of blame game in your home. If your son doesn't perform well , what do you say to your wife (or vice-versa)- " Its because he is copying you" , but if he performs well - " After all he is my son ".The way kids see us today , will behave tomorrow and hence the show will go on. 

How many times you blame government for not doing this not doing that etc..
Did you ever appreciated them for something they were able to do? When it is time to Vote, do you go to choose the right government?

Can't we stop blaming others, instead introspect and retrospect the process to find out root cause and ensure we do not repeat the same mistake again. Don't ever try to find the escape-goat. Let their be some room to improve processes. We are all human being, we are born to learn from our mistakes.

Accepting mistake makes your image liberal in the organization. Leadership knows you for accepting accountability. Hence you may get more important assignments in future. Your team gets motivation to do better in future , after all they are also human being and each one internally knows who did what that contributed in failure. Team's conscience will not allow them to continue with all failures as they also understand the repercussions. 

When its all success , let the team take the credit , say it loudly - "We did it well" but when its failure , don't hesitate in accepting that - "I am accountable for this". 

Its a paradigm shift once you understand when to use "I" and when to use "We". My personal experience is - No one got fired till day because he accepted the responsibility of failure. Yes, those who argued well and created multiple reasons to put a sugar coated explanation were removed, After all each organisation wants to stop the spread of negative vibes.

It requires a big heart to accept the defeat than passing on the ball to other's court.

So , what do you say , try exercising it and see the positive energy flowing all around you. You will make a good team , good friends and you yourself will become a good person.

I will conclude with the below inspirational video clip :

Only cowards blame each other , powerful man accepts accountability

Do Not Speak About Absent

You are out for a dinner in a group. The dinner is going on and suddenly someone in your group gets a call from home and he has to leave dinner party in between. Knowing that the person has left , someone from your group starts talking bad about him. You also join the league , after all its human tendency , you don't want to miss the fun behind gossips and back biting.

Then suddenly , you also got the call from your wife and you have to leave the party. What will you think - Will you be able to trust the group that they will not speak bad about you once you are gone.

Trust among each other is at stake once you are indulged in such gossips and back biting. In corporate world, most of such talks are about the Boss and the organization. People find common interest and lot of matter to speak when the object is boss. They tend to forget that someday they will also be sitting on the same chair. 

Capability of backbiting is given to you by birth , But think, is it really required to prove your ability to exercise this capability?

Tattle is a common problem in real life and it stops you from trusting others and you also loose trust of others.Is it so hard to stop ourselves from indulging in such gossips? Try yourself and if someone else doesn't exercise it, stop him as well.

In day-to-day life , have you seen a group of females who tend to criticize some one absent from the group, be it mother-in-law , daughter-in-law , friend, or anyone else ?

Remember , someday your position will also change and then you will also be target of such petty gossips. Let's stop doing this nonsense. We have many things to talk about - Constructive and Progressive. I can suggest few things - talk about each other , know them better , talk processes and improvements, talk cricket, movie,food, shopping, malls, temples, cars,music,theater, real estate, insurance, banking, shares, economies, world geography,society, culture,jokes etc..There is a lot more to talk about other than the absent.

Take a look at this funny yet inspirational video :

Don't backbite - from Islam

I M Possible

Nothing is Impossible in this world. Even the word Impossible says I am Possible. Something looks Impossible to you because you didn't get chance to do it till now and this is your first time you are doing it. If you can't do it , probably no one can do it in the world. Then why should you worry ? Why not attempt it with your best?

Give it a try with full honesty , do your Karma with the grace of god , the results will definitely follow. What if you never gave a try to drive bicycle ? Did you know riding it since you were born ? Wasn't that impossible for you in those early days ? There would be several things that you learnt from the life over a period of time and experience. All those things that were impossible at certain time, are being now exercised by you regularly.Think about it , what would have your world today if you wouldn't have given a try that time. We wouldn't have been watching live telecast of indo-pak cricket match if those engineers would have bowed down. You are using smart phones, microwave,HD Tv , DTH , a long list. Look at the success of AAP today, wasn't it looked impossible few months ago ?

If you have courage to do it , you will succeed. The world impossible comes only in cowards dictionary , the braves use a different word - Opportunity.

Exercise it in your daily habit and feel the positive energy in your blood. Friends , let's take this resolution in the new year - Yes , Its possible.

A very happy new year to you all !!